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The European Cultural and Technological Center Maribor, so.p., a private institution with the status of a youth center recognized by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth and the City Municipality of Maribor, performs various activities in the field of youth work. These include working with young people with special needs to increase their general and career competences, as well as informal education and other values ​​and content relevant to young people. We are also active in the field of science and knowledge promotion, with an emphasis on natural sciences, modern technologies and the implementation of development, research and innovation activities. We are also active in the field of international cooperation and intercultural dialogue, culture and art, museum activities, cultural and technical heritage, the development of research values, modern technologies, leisure activities, the economy, and innovative and social entrepreneurship.

The Center of Experiments Maribor (CEM), which is meant for young people and children, schools, teachers, youth centers, youth workers and others who are interested in the promotion of science and skills, and the only such center in the north-eastern Slovenia, functions under the auspices of the European Cultural and Technological Center Maribor (EKTC).


The Center of Experiments Maribor, funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology in the 2008-2011 period, is the result of the program "Promotion of Science and Innovation". It is one of the programs for young people and the general public that is based on similar natural science museums around the world. It brings a much needed supplement to the ​​north-eastern area of Slovenia regarding the encouragement of young people and adults to learn about the principles of natural sciences. It also offers active development and understanding, since we use the principle of active involvement of visitors who independently test repeatable experiments.

Methodologically, the Experiment Center Maribor uses experiential experience pedagogy, which provides better understanding and memorization as well as the transfer of knowledge to other fields. Opening of the Experiment Center Maribor: 25 September 2009

The upgrade of the Experiment Center Maribor was enabled by the European Capital of Culture 2012 program, when the Maribor Experiment Center - in cooperation with the University of Maribor - operated under the common brand called House of Science - Center of Experiments. From 2013 on, the Maribor Experiment Center operates independently under the auspices of the European Cultural and Technological Center Maribor established in 2003.


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